Vision & Values

Our school community is based upon positive relationships that are underpinned by mutual respect. Smiles and laughter are a key part of each and every day: happy children make fantastic learners. We have high expectations in all aspects of school life; visitors often comment on the high standards of behaviour, the warm welcome they receive and the enjoyment in school life.

Our values are captured in the school SMART pact.

Under SMART we:


Set out to succeed


Make each day count


Accelerate progress through independent learning


Respect ourselves, our school and the surrounding community


Together, we aim high!

The school SMART pact underpins our teaching and learning and helps to create an environment in which children can become confident, happy citizens. As part of this, SMART is linked to our Class Dojo reward system, with children recognised and rewarded for demonstrating SMART values.

For our approach to the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of pupils, we use stories as a start point and through our Jigsaw PSHE scheme. This underpins the values and behaviours we want to promote and is not only taught in discrete sessions, but also within the hidden curriculum and assemblies.