School & Eco Council

Inkersall Spencer Academy School Council

The School Council at Inkersall Spencer Academy is elected democratically and fairly. Every year, in September, we have an election day where lots of our pupils stand for election as either School Councillors or Class Councillors. Once the Council is elected they vote for a chairperson, vice-chairperson, treasurer and a secretary. This is done through holding assemblies to talk through their manifestos and then the whole school votes on which person will be best at the different jobs.

These people meet regularly with the School Link Teacher, Miss Groves to plan the agendas for meetings.

Inkersall’s School Council makes the school a fun place to be! We are very active and busy in our school and help to make decisions about lots of important things. We make sure that the children’s voices are heard in the school and that everyone is part of our decision-making process.

We work hard to raise money for school projects as well as for other charities.
Each year we choose three charities to support – a local one, a national charity and a global charity.

We all enjoy being councillors at Inkersall Spencer Academy and feel that we make a big difference to the way our school is run.

Inkersall Spencer Academy ECO Council

These are our Eco Council Reps in school –

Y1 Alba & Lily

Y2 Bailey & Danny

Y3 Eryn & Billy

Y4 Maisie & Jaxon

Y5 Henry & Tyler

Y6 Grace & Emi-Leigh, Emie & Douglas

Our focus for our meetings this year are about saving energy. Using Energy Sparks we are really keen to cut our schools energy by at least 20%.

Our School Council Representatives

Year 1 : Evony &
Year 2 : Evelyn & Teddy
Year 3: Harvey & Hughie
Year 4 : Adam & Isobel
Year 5: Chloe & Archie
Year 6: Koby & Maisey

Spencer Trust Pupil Parliament

We are really exciting that this year one of our children will be attending the Trust Parliament with representatives from all the other primary schools in the Trust. We look forward to seeing how we can make a difference to our family of schools.

Harley in Year 6 will be representing Inkersall Spencer Academy at the Trust Parliament this year.