Remote Learning

Welcome to our remote learning page. Here you will find access to a range of websites and resources which you can use to support your child with their learning, if they are currently not in school. If you need any advice please do not hesitate to contact school through the Class Dojo App.

First of all, parents should note that the government does not expect them to perform as teachers nor expect remote learning to be ‘education as normal but from home’. School would hope that families work together with us to keep children engaged with their learning. It is recognised that families have individual circumstances such as multiple siblings, home working etc. We appreciate that attention, presentation and standards will be different to the expectations of school.

The platform for setting online learning will be via Class Dojo.

  • Teachers will plan and upload work to Class Dojo and will provide feedback to parents/cares and/or children.
  • Work may be set by adults other than your child’s usual class teacher.
  • In the event that a child is not able to access remote learning, then paper copies will be provided where possible.
  • Teachers will provide feedback on children’s work daily; however, there may be instances where communication is delayed, as the teacher has some children both at home and at school. In this instance, communication will generally take place before or after school – but not beyond 5.30pm. In some cases, teaching assistants may provide the feedback to children.
  • Work will be planned weekly. It will be uploaded after 3.30pm at the end of the school day, ready for the next day.
  • Work will be uploaded and shared via Class Dojo.
  • Teachers will access pupils’ work through Class Dojo and will provide feedback on submitted work each day (prior to the setting of new tasks).
  • School will not send remote learning automatically to children who are absent; however, our website will contain a plan of tasks/activities for parents to use with their child at home should they wish.
  • If parents require additional work to be sent, then they will need to let their class teacher know via Dojo or the school office.
  • School staff will offer zoom meetings either daily (Y4-6) or several times a week to make contact with children and provide opportunities for children to see one another.


Below, you will find details of a set of daily tasks for each year group that are suggested should your child be absent due to self-isolation. If your child is ‘unwell’, then they would not be ‘fit’ to undertake school work and therefore are not expected to be working remotely at home.


Keeping in touch with pupils and parents

  • Depending on the circumstances of the absence, teachers will remain in contact with parents via Class Dojo.
  • Should a child be absent for a full 14 days, phone calls may be made to either the parent or the pupil.
  • Zoom sessions will also be offered either through class sessions or individually with families with two members of staff to help.
  • The class teacher and SLT will be responsible for checking on the welfare and safety of children during prolonged periods of absence.
  • For older children, they may use Class Dojo to upload their own work and communicate with their class teacher or teaching assistant.
  • Messages may not be read or responded to immediately.
  • Teachers are not expected to answer or respond to messages or provide feedback outside of directed time and not before 8am or after 5.30pm.
  • Feedback from teachers will be given in time, prior to beginning the next task or work being set.
  • Teachers will keep a note of those who do not engage with home learning and try to support and encourage them to do so.


Remember to break up the days with lots of breaks. Short, sharp bursts of activities will be more manageable for the children. Allow your child to choose the order of the tasks themselves in order to develop their ability to become independent learners. If you need any additional help or support, then please contact your child’s class teacher via Dojo, but can we remind you that most staff are on a rota basis and could be in school on the day that you contact them, therefore they will be in touch as soon as possible.


School Remote Learning Policy

  • Click here to read our remote learning policy.


Please click the link below to see our remote learning for children with SEND

Inkersall Remote Learning Offer for SEND pupils


Here is the daily expectation for every child

Nursery Reception KS1 KS2
Fine Motor Activity Phonics A reading activity A reading activity
Number Blocks Maths Phonics/spelling A spelling activity
Nursery Rhyme Gross Motor Task A writing task An English writing task
Story Fine Motor Task A maths task A maths task
Sound of the week Topic activity Maths fluency work Maths fluency work
Gross Motor Task Story A foundation subject A foundation subject


Additional websites and resources






Other subjects


Online Safety

Resources for online safety – as more of us are using the internet to access resources please read through the following links to help keep everyone safe


Support for children struggling with emotions