Owl hands on deck at Inkersall

Children in Y2 have been enjoying using the 4D room to extend their learning with a special project on our owl friends.

The 4D room transforms the classroom experience into an interactive, immersive experience that helps children to experience the topic under discussion. Through the 4D classroom, pupils of all age are able to take control of their learning, experiencing a project through stories and visual exploration.

Throughout the spring term, Y2 learned about owls and nocturnal creatures; had owls visit the classroom; adopted an owl friend of our own in Rose the Barn Owl and used the 4D facility to explore the habitats where owls are found across the world.

The project culminated in Science Week, when the children had the opportunity to link their new learning to subject knowledge including biology and geography.

The book underpinning all of this owl-based learning is the heart-warming family favourite, The Owl Who Was Afraid Of the Dark by Jill Tomlinson.

The Owl Who Was Afraid Of The Dark is the story of Plop, a baby barn owl with very knackety knees, and how by experiencing the adventures that the evening has to offer, Plop slowly comes to realise that – far from being frightening or unwelcoming – ‘Dark is Super!’